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Cory Luba
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Red Rocket, LLC



  • Red Rocket Net
  • Red Rocket Cloud


Handled network infrastructure for Red Rocket Net WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) servicing clients in the New Britain, CT area. Utilized a variety of Ubiquiti AirMAX and EdgeOS devices to outfit proper network infrastructure including VLANs, Quality of Service, and client isolation. Worked with Linux and Docker to manage the billing and UNMS dashboard on a bare meta server with Ubuntu. 

Red Rocket Cloud was introduced as a web presence and addition to Red Rocket Net and provides cloud-based services such as web, game, and voice hosting on the East Coast. Implemented virtual machines and proper web hosting infrastructure utilizing WHM, cPanel, WHMCS, CloudLinux, KernelCare, and LiteSpeed. Implemented SEO for over 25 webpages and added DNS Management for domain-only clients. Worked to implement free SSL certificates and affordable alternatives for those wanting an SSL from an alternative paid provider.

I setup and configured a virtual machine infrastructure with Proxmox VE and have implemented internal resources using a virtual machine running Docker and Nginx Proxy Manager as a frontend with various services running within Docker on the backend. This solution allows Red Rocket to consolidate on the number of IP Addresses utilized  for internal monitoring, Discord bots, and other ventures.

Patch Management is routinely done to the Proxmox Host and KernelCare updates WHM/cPanel regularly. During host updates, the status of updates for WHM/cPanel and other services is checked and performed as needed. Many services now include the ability to notify when an update is available, and more stable services will even have the option to automatically update.

We run a various number of websites including WHMCS, WordPress, and plain HTML/PHP websites too. We utilize a various number of open source projects for things such as our helpdesk, firewall, and monitoring solution/logging solutions. We continue to update Red Rocket and utilize the latest technologies available for isolation and ensure our system(s) are up-to-date by regularly performing and checking our updates and repositories. We have subscribed to enterprise repositories in an effort to provide tested solutions to our clients.